Teaching Tools 101

Becoming a student is now better than ever, thanks to the advent of the digital world. Becoming a teacher is just as great too as they can use technological marvels as part of the learning tools they provide to students. By using these tools. They will be able to help students ease into proper learning, but they are also able to develop a few other skills along the way. Here are a few tools that every teacher must consider using.

Video Sharing

Truth be told, no matter how interesting your topic is, there will always be times when your students will get bored. When students get bored, needless to say, they will likely lose focus and they would likely not learn anything. To prevent such thing from happening, of course, you should make your lessons more interesting. Video sharing websites like Youtube and Dailymotion would be a great help.

By making use of videos related to your lessons, you could surely catch the attention of your students and make them more engaged in your class. Such added entertainment in class would also help keep them livelier throughout your class time. On top of that, using visual aids like videos from Youtube as you teach would help them remember the lesson all the more.

Task Reminder Apps

Teaching can be a lot of fun too. It can become so much fun that you would even get unaware of the time.

Task reminder apps like Evernote, Endnote, or simply the note app that’s pre-installed on your device would help you become more aware of your lesson’s flow and be more organized. In that way, you would not miss any detail with your lesson plan nor repeat your topics. Through these apps, you could also manage your time really well.

Content-Sharing Apps or Sites

Content-sharing websites or apps like Google Classrooms is also one of the best tools that you can use to effectively teach. Yes, Google is not just for office workers now as you can also use it to give your classroom a boost.

Even if you are a teacher, you still aren’t safe from paperwork. Of course, you also need to give assignments, track their progress, etc. But doing so on a piece of paper or writing them down on a notebook can be quite tiring plus, you might even lose those pieces of paper or that notebook. Content-sharing sites like Google Classroom would be a big help as it allows teachers to easily distribute assignments anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Through such teaching tool, you could also easily track their progress and promptly give them a feedback.

Entertainment Apps

It’s easy for your students to lose their interest and focus. But in this day and age, it’s even easier to prevent them lose their interest in your class as you can now make use of apps to entertain them while they learn. Incorporating entertaining yet educational apps in your class would help students better their cognitive function and would make them more interested in your class as well. It’s also a great way to make students look forward to your next class.

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