3 Critical Instances When Professionals Should Handle Bathroom Leak Repairs

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Water damage in Australian homes is now more common than you think. Major causes include unresolved bathroom leaking, clogged drains, faulty plumbing, and more. In a 2019 insight report released by insurance firm Chubb Australia, “internal water damage in Australian homes is now a more common and costly risk than fire and burglary.” In fact, the report revealed that average water damage claims have been on the rise since 2014 with 2018 amounting to over $30,000. Furthermore, 34 percent of insurance claims come from water damage, the largest slice of the pie shared with fire, weather, burglary, and other causes. Interestingly, water damage occurs most commonly during holiday periods when homeowners are away.

That is why bathroom sealing is a very important step in the construction and maintenance of any property. This is strictly observed by the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) through the implementation of the National Construction Code, which specifically mentions the standard for waterproofing wet areas in compliance with AS3740. As such, property owners need to take serious considerations when dealing with and preventing water damage by reaching out to a professional service provider under the following circumstances:

Maintenance of rental properties

Lessors have due responsibility of ensuring that their rental properties are in good shape before having them rented out. This includes waterproofing of wet areas to prevent bathroom leaking and other water-related issues. It is best to hire the services of a shower repair expert so lessees are ensured with safe and worry-free living conditions.

Restoration or renovation work

Renovating or resorting to any part of a house or building must be done in compliance with the National Construction Code. The same goes with the bathroom as it needs to be waterproofed to prevent bathroom leaking problems. This can happen before a tiler sets the flooring or when a shower repair team installs the shower stall. Plumbing and hoses must also be double-checked.

Repair in commercial spaces

The level of care and professionalism is even higher when it comes to public or commercial spaces. While resorting to a do-it-yourself or DIY solution will save you money, the integrity of the repair cannot be guaranteed fully. It poses a risk to people and you can be held liable for any mishap that occurs due to a faulty repair. Again, having a professional team handle a bathroom leak repair would be the wisest thing to do. It may cost you more but the guarantee of the repair will be worth the price you will pay.

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