Surefire Ways to Stay Focused in Class

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We’ve all played the role of the student at one point, and being in school is certainly something almost everyone can relate too. Understandably, there are a lot of distractions which could prevent a student’s full growth in school nowadays but that doesn’t mean they should give up on studying in general. Here are a few ways to maintain focus in class in this age of distractions and technology.

1. Don’t bring gadgets

Today, we mostly rely on our gadgets. We use it for research, for entertainment, for organizing, to connect with people from around the globe, and so much more. But, even if we can use our smartphones and other gadgets for research purposes, it could still hinder you from staying focused in class. In turn, you would likely have a hard time keeping up with the lecture.

Thus, if it is not really needed in class, might as well don’t bring it. You’ll just end up surfing the web, checking your social media accounts, or texting. You could just bring a notebook instead so you’ll have something to take notes on. By doing so, you will also be more respectful to your professor or to anyone who’s speaking in front.

2. Review your notes

In some schools, their class schedules don’t always permit them to meet their professors every day. Some classes even meet their professors once a week. With that, it can be quite hard to remember your previous lessons.

So whether your school’s class schedule is like that or not, reviewing your notes before your class starts would help you a lot in staying focused in class. Doing so would help you to get back on track where your previous class has left off. Needless to say, when you remember your previous lessons, it would be easier for you to understand what your professor is talking about and that would make you pay more attention in class. Also, reviewing your notes would also help you ace any surprise quizzes.

3. Choose the front seat

I personally don’t like sitting in front as I’m usually shy and even if I am well-prepared for class, I still get afraid that the teacher might call me to recite. However, sitting in front is apparently beneficial.

By sitting in front of the lecture hall, of course, you will be able to clearly hear what your professor is talking about, making you understand each lesson with ease and it would also keep you focused. Also, sitting in front means you don’t have someone in front of you that could distract you. It would also help a lot if you are near-sighted as you would clearly see the PowerPoint presentation or whatever important was written on the board.

4. Come to class physically prepared It is always a must that you come to class physically prepared. You don’t have to lift weights before your class, though. What I mean is, before you come to class, make sure that you’ve had enough sleep and had eaten breakfast. Doing so will not just make your body thank you in the morning but it having enough rest would also help you concentrate in class.

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