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The Need for Assistance and Information

I am currently a research assistant on a game that helps high school students understand the process of applying to college. The game, Mission: Admission, which is meant to serve first-generation college attendees and those from disadvantaged backgrounds, offers a learning experience in what high school students should actually do when applying for colleges. Coming […]

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Why I (Still) Support Girls in Game Design

I do research on girls and games. More specifically, I investigate how we can engage girls with game design, technology, and digital media. When I first started with this work, it seemed obvious how important this work is. A young woman is more likely to take AP courses and attend college than her male counterparts, […]

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Book Review: The App Generation by Howard Gardner and Katie Davis

I read this and I suppose you should, too. The App Generation: How Today’s Youth Navigate Identity, Intimacy, and Imagination in a Digital World, by Howard Gardner and Katie Davis, is a breezy, easy to read small-sized 244 page book.  Since I’m recommending it, let me offer three quarrels I have with the authors at […]

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So You Want to be a Qualitative Researcher in the 21st Century

A tension exists between old and new. In The Anxiety of Influence, Harold Bloom explains the generational process among writers: Old poets inspire young poets. The apprentice learns to love form by reading the work of a skilled master. The beginner writes derivative verse. Anxiety stirs as she realizes the only way to establish a […]

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(Re)constructing USC’s Campus

I have been in the same office in the same building for a generation.  My office has recently gone through a reconfiguration when I took out the bookshelves and replaced them with paintings that I had bought in Santa Fe.  Rather than the off-yellow that punctuates the rest of the building my office is now […]

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I Know You Can Do It

In an introductory YouTube video about FutureBound (previously known as Collegeology), Bill Tierney talks about the challenges many underprivileged students face and the lack of postsecondary educational opportunities available to them. He finishes his segment by asking…How do you deal with that?  You’ve got to have someone in your corner saying, “You can do it. […]

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More Than A Game

What do we want to learn from our research (funded by the First in the World Grant) on the game-based intervention for college-going? We have in Mission Admission a colorful, interactive online game that could potentially influence students’ college identities.  It’s easy to get sucked into the game.  After all, it is the central component […]

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Pencils, Keyboards & Digital Citizenship

When I learned of the shooting at Charlie Hebdo, I was shocked. I turned to Facebook to find information and posted an image in solidarity with the magazine. My family and I had just spent New Year’s in Paris and I had returned to California feeling as though the City of Light had seeped into […]

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“What’s Hot/What’s Not”: Higher Ed & Social media 2015

Since we are at the beginning of a new year, I’m seeing a lot more “top 10” and “trends to watch” lists. I thought I would give it a shot and offer my own. I’ve blogged about our collective social media behaviors on this blog before, but I’ve never addressed specific trends. It’s definitely something […]

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Why Mix Education and Digital Media/Gaming?

(Over the next semester, we will be dedicating Thursdays to exploring the role of technology and social media on learning and education. Many Thursday posts and guest bloggers will be related to the First in the World grant recently awarded to the Pullias Center. We encourage your feedback and look forward to the e-journey. Zoe […]

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