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Fat Tuesday

I love celebrations! It doesn’t matter the context as long as I can laugh, eat, drink, and have a great time. Fourth of July. Love it, especially since it is the day before my birthday! Halloween. Candy overload. Who doesn’t love candy, chocolate, and dressing up in costume? Christmas. Love the smell of Christmas trees, […]

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Snow days! And, Technology!

Snow days are magical events, for students and teachers. The days preceding them burst with energy and anticipation. The magic starts with murmurs. One student says to another, “Did you hear it’s supposed to snow on Thursday?” As the snowstorm strengthens, students start rearranging plans and due dates. They think, “Let’s see. If we get […]

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Why International Travel Changed My Life

This past winter break afforded me time to reflect on why I decided to be a higher education researcher, rather than continue my previous career in music. Immediately after completing a Masters degree in music, I “lucked” into a full-time, visiting professorship at a regional university in rural North Carolina.  The job was extremely gratifying […]

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A Plea for Arts Education

I have always loved the Arts. Music, theatre, painting, dance bring such joy into my life. However, and this is a big “however,” I have no talent in the arts. Yes, I can appreciate a good piece of music (I love Bach) and can spend hours at a museum admiring a painting (I love Manet). […]

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On the Job Market, Part Two

I was fortunate to get invited to a campus interview this past fall. It was another marathon in its own way.  Here’s what I learned. The interview days I was flown out the day before my interview. So, when they say that the interview starts the moment you land at the airport that was exactly how […]

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On the Job Market

On the job market… These are stressful words for anyone looking for work. As a current postdoc looking for employment, I write to share what I’ve learned from this past semester of being in the thick of it. Starting Printing out the job call then reading it through with a highlighter and pen helps me. It […]

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Taking Responsibility

“How to fire federal employees” was the informal name of a workshop I attended a few weeks ago. The workshop wasn’t about getting rid of great or mediocre employees; it was about dealing with toxic, destructive employees. The presentation made me think – so I’m sharing two thoughts that I took away. First, it can […]

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Semester in Review and Students as Change Agents

The semester is ending. Students are submitting papers. Professors are grading papers. And, hopefully, all had a great four months. As I reflect, I am thankful for a challenging and rewarding semester. I am grateful to have a career that allows me—via research, teaching, and service—to interact with an array of people and, along the […]

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Selective Silence

About two weeks ago, I shut down my Facebook to the bare minimum. I use Facebook as a means to communicate with friends and family, but also with the academic community that I am a part of. Between the terrorist attacks globally, the ongoing murders of men of color in the US, and the ongoing […]

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Don’t Confuse Me with the Facts – Higher Education’s Next Mission

Americans don’t seem too concerned with “Exaggerations.”  Donald Trump saw thousands of Muslims in Jersey City celebrating the collapse of the World Trade Center.  Ben Carson is certain that the Biblical Joseph built the pyramids to store grain.  Birthers are certain that our president was born in Africa even after he produced a birth certificate issued in Hawaii.  We […]

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