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Words from the Project Specialist

Although “Project Specialist” is only one of the many titles I’ve held during my working career, with the First In The World project, it’s never been more accurate. Sure, I specialize in the mechanics of a project, but more so, I’ve embraced that the cross-institution collaboration necessary for a project of this scale depends on […]

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Summing Up – I

I’ve been doing this blog for over half a decade.  At some point what was irregular in the writing of it, became regular; rather than write a blog every now and then we put out a blog a day.  Various folks in the Pullias Center helped staff and write for it.  We cooked up special […]

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Training Undergraduates for Disciplinary Writing and Research

Imagine, for a moment, you are a world-class athlete training at a top Division 1 university as a track specialist in the 110-meter hurdles. For several years, you have endeavored to acquire several event-specific abilities that are fundamentally important for success in your event. Speed, of course, is a necessity, so the fast-twitch fibers in […]

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Mid-Program Reflection … SummerTIME 2014

We’re in the middle of our annual SummerTIME Program. The students arrived last Monday and they’re with us until next Wednesday. This is my seventh year being involved in SummerTIME and my first year directing it on my own. I’m lucky to have a handful of dedicated student workers and a full-time assistant—most of which […]

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A Researcher’s New Year’s Resolution: Floss more, critique after (not before) listening

Just before ASHE this year, the Pullias Center published a report on findings from 10 years of our SummerTIME college preparation program. The report is available for download here: http://rossier.usc.edu/tierney-publishes-findings-from-successful-college-prep-program/. Today’s blog derives from my experience writing a follow-up report that describes SummerTIME’s writing program design and curriculum as it stood in the tenth year of […]

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College Choice: It Matters

Earlier this year, the Pullias Center for Higher Education held its annual SummerTIME program (Tools, Information, Motivation, Education). Before SummerTIME began, I blogged about the compulsory financial aid counseling appointments with SummerTIME students. Specifically, I discussed how I was anticipating about 75% of students having an issue-free financial aid offer, 20% having issues that could […]

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SummerTime’s Writing Program Conference on Activism

Tomorrow will mark the beginning of the fourth annual SummerTIME Writing Program Conference on Activism. Over the past four weeks, 92 first generation students have each written a 12-15 page paper that identifies a social issue that is personally meaningful to the student and argues a solution to this social problem based on the student’s […]

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Summer Financial Aid Problem Solving

Next week, SummerTIME—our annual four-week intensive writing and college knowledge summer program for 90 transitioning college freshmen—starts. Besides helping out with the writing curriculum and the program logistics, I’ll be reviewing financial aid offers with students and troubleshooting any issues. As in previous years, I anticipate the usual breakdown … 75% of students will have […]

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Practitioners and Play

Last week I attended the NACAC (National Association for College Admissions Counselors) annual conference in Denver. It was my first time attending the conference and I loved it—and not just because I woke up to snow one morning and the other morning had the most phenomenal mini-doughnuts at a funky breakfast-all-day joint called Jelly. I […]

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SummerTIME is Only the Beginning

Today is the last day of SummerTIME, the Pullias Center’s annual intensive four-week writing and college knowledge program for first-generation, low-income Los Angeles-area students starting college in the fall. The entire SummerTIME crew—Pullias staff members, grad and undergrad students, college writing instructors, and lots of volunteers—works diligently to prepare these students for the academic, social, […]

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