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I Don’t Give Shots…

I’ve found that a lot of folks don’t really understand what someone with a Ph.D. in education does.  They grasp that I teach, but not what I teach.  They somewhat get that I do research, but the fact that the research doesn’t take place in a lab is perplexing.  They are confused by the perpetual […]

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What’s in a Title: Non-Profit or For-Profit Colleges

If you’re going to make money as a for-profit college, fair enough.  I understand the strengths and weaknesses of for-profits probably as well as anyone.  I’ve supported them when they are doing what they are supposed to do, and I’ve criticized them when they fall short. My friend and colleague, Bob Shireman, with whom I […]

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Using Qualitative Research to Contest Stereotypes

How are black men portrayed? After Freddie Gray’s death due to the brutality of six Baltimore police officers, newscasts focused on Gray’s criminal record and suspect behavior. When city residents protested, the media became more interested. Reporters searched for provocative stories and trolled for increased viewership. They showed dehumanizing videos of wild mobs looting and […]

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Escaping the Digital

“What’s the Point of a Professor” was a New York Times opinion piece by Mark Bauerlein that has generated wide response and conversation about the role of the professor in the 21st century. Bauerlein argues that professors are becoming more like “accreditors” and fail to inspire and invest in students like the professors of old. Although […]

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What’s in a Name?

A funny thing happened on the way to writing this blog.  I was going to write about the danger in naming buildings after individuals.  Apparently Clemson University won’t rename a building that honors its racist past.  Tillman Hall is named after a white supremacist who boasted of participating in the killings of black people.  The […]

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Creativity: The Key to Future Employment?

This week, while canvassing for research that might help my end-of-semester papers, I came across a recently published report filled with interesting accounts about the difficulties Millennials in California are facing on the job market.  Seemingly every month, similar reports lament the perceived inadequacies of the U.S. workforce.  Many narratives promote a greater investment in […]

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It’s Financial Aid in the Media Season Again!

It’s financial aid in the media season again! From February to June, there will be a smattering of financial aid articles and interviews in the popular media. I typically try not to get rant-y in my blog posts, but this article from MarketWatch last month really bugged me. The story focuses on four insider tips to […]

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A Digital Safe Space

I first heard the phrase “safe space” as a freshman at Brown University during the school’s Third World Transition Program.  This program was an orientation for freshmen from historically underrepresented ethnic and racial groups. Throughout the three-day orientation, we discussed the “-isms” (e.g. racism, sexism, classism) and I heard variants of the following two phrases […]

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Why Qualitative Research?

Recently, many researchers of higher education (like me) scrambled to complete their proposals for the annual conference of the Association for the Study of Higher Education.  While completing my proposals, I found myself thinking about the circumstances that caused me to become a qualitative researcher. When I was in fifth grade, few things fascinated me […]

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Everything Old is New Again

Enjoy this video, by clicking HERE. It may be the last smile for this blog. I promised in my March piece that I would continue my theme of Non-Price competition and why non-selective colleges were ill prepared to consider this pricing strategy.  However, this week’s actions so rocked the education environment that I am compelled to […]

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