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On Academic Life: Figuring Out Who You Are

Identity is a crucial issue in terms of development. At some point, everyone has to ask themselves, “Who am I?” A simple question, but an exceedingly complex one at the same time. This question is relevant to any career choice, including being an academic – at least it was for me. I think it has […]

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On Academic Life: A Time To Look Back

I am currently a professor at USC, where I have worked for a bit over thirty years now. I grew up only a couple of miles from Keck Medical Center, which used to be known to everyone in the surrounding community as LAC/USC Medical Center – or County Hospital. It is only a few miles […]

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The Need for Assistance and Information

I am currently a research assistant on a game that helps high school students understand the process of applying to college. The game, Mission: Admission, which is meant to serve first-generation college attendees and those from disadvantaged backgrounds, offers a learning experience in what high school students should actually do when applying for colleges. Coming […]

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USC’s College Access Index: Sharing Information

I am among the fastest runners in my age group in the United States.  I’ve mentioned before how much I train, and how hard I work out. I attribute my speed (and agility) to my training. I’m betting even my closest friends and my greatest admirers might say something like, “Bill, I know you’re fast […]

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Thoughts on Vocational Education in Japan

A few nights ago, a program on NHK (Japan’s public television station) profiled several young Japanese students in a school-sponsored apprenticeship program.  I immediately became engrossed by the show, as it was another demonstration of the methods through which Japanese industries elevate seemingly mundane tasks into art.  Anyone who has ever seen how soba noodles […]

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The Student Loan Crisis: Up Close and Personal

Two concerns I have with the current discussion about the student loan crisis is that it is increasingly ideological in nature, and quantitative in the manner in which student financial needs are analyzed: Ideological: Students have too much debt/no they don’t.  More students should to go college/no they shouldn’t.  It’s not the government’s role to […]

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Let’s Get Clear about Sexual Assault Prevention

Note: This essay will make more sense if you have read the 9/22/14 blog beforehand. That blog addresses misconceptions about the perpetrators of sexual assault. In this essay, I want to extend that conversation by talking about the implications for prevention work. I’m going to oversimplify concepts here, and I am aware that I am […]

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Responding to Sexual Assault–Are Transcript Notations the Way to Go?

One of the issues being debated in Virginia on the topic of how to address the problem of campus sexual assault revolves around the use of transcript notation. Specifically, the Virginia legislators have passed a bill requiring a notation be put on the transcript of any student who is suspended or dismissed (expelled) for a […]

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Why I (Still) Support Girls in Game Design

I do research on girls and games. More specifically, I investigate how we can engage girls with game design, technology, and digital media. When I first started with this work, it seemed obvious how important this work is. A young woman is more likely to take AP courses and attend college than her male counterparts, […]

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In Reponse to Paul Krugman

Today I want to talk about power, or more specifically, the role of power in perpetuating and increasing inequality in the United States. I wasn’t planning on talking about this topic, well not so directly anyway. When I started this series of posts my intention was to limit my musings to the way we collectively […]

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