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Top Three Takeaways from First in the World

When I joined the First in the World (FITW) team this January, I brought a unique perspective. I was eager to learn about managing a big project – all of my previous projects had been small or mid-sized. I also was equipped to put this learning in context. As researcher-practitioner specializing in 21st century learning, […]

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Third-Level Digital Divide

Like most of the cool kids, I subscribe to Google Scholar Alerts. All of the new research about the digital divide is shipped to my email. A few days ago, I read, for the first time, about the third level digital divide. You’ve probably heard of the digital divide. It’s a buzzword for differences in […]

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Calibrating the Mechanics of Games with the Realities of Students

One of the principles of good educational game design is that you want the actions that players take through your game to meaningfully align with the game’s learning goals. A good rule of thumb is that if you could swap out your game’s topic or narrative with something else, then the mechanics likely only superficially […]

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Self-Restraint on Social Media

The past couple of weeks have had at least a couple of events within the field of higher education that have drawn my attention. Xi Jinping, the President of China, continues to cajole, if not threaten, the Chinese press to “protect the party’s authority and unity,” albeit with a grandfatherly wave and a smile.  Concurrently, […]

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Fresh Starts

In my December post, I wrote about my social media exhaustion and selective silence about issues of race, power, and social justice in the US. I wrote a little bit about some administrative experiences I’ve had, too, so I was nervous about that blog going out. I barely slept the night before it posted. The […]

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Don’t Knock #SafeSpace

Images like this one have been circulating on Twitter, mocking Safe Space.  It is in response to the thousands of students across the country who are trying to create room for themselves on college campuses across the country. Of course, these students are being depicted as cry babies. Or seen as those unwilling to hear differing opinions. […]

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Beyond Orwell – The Chinese “Social Credit Score”

Despite abundant blunders and constant criticism over murky business practices, the credit reporting industry has remained an entrenched part of daily life in the United States.  Credit scores, for all their faults, directly impact millions of Americans’ quality of life, either facilitating or thwarting funding for higher education, home and automobile ownership, and entrepreneurial business […]

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A Strong Affinity for Los Angeles

My partner, two children, and our two dogs just moved to Los Angeles from Oakland. Our friends from home often ask how we are adjusting. The family is decidedly split. My kids love our new city and I also have a strong affinity for Los Angeles. My dogs are indifferent (they’re dogs). But my partner, […]

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College Branding: An Oversimplification of Complex Institutional Identities?

When I was seventeen years old, I was one of approximately 150 eleventh and twelfth grade students selected to the Florida All-State Symphonic Band. During the week-long festival, a number of colleges and universities set up recruitment tables during a specified “College Night,” intending to bolster their music programs with students who had already demonstrated […]

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I Coded that Dress!

“I coded that dress!” is not an exclamation that most of us get to make every day–or probably ever. Many of us buy dresses, wear dresses, or perhaps on a bad day tear or stain one. We may love or hate them. Most of us have never coded one. But that’s exactly what a group […]

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