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Transitioning to the Postdoc

As of July 1st this year I said goodbye to USC after having been there for almost 5 years and started my new position as a UC Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellow at UC Riverside.  I’ll be focusing on the governance of public higher education and fusing that with my interests in access, equity, and inclusion in […]

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Social Media and Technology in Schools–What We Can Learn from Sex Ed

I recently grabbed dinner with an educator interested in pursuing a PhD.  Before talking about preparing for graduate programs, we shared stories about our experiences teaching.  She told one story about social media, however, that bothered me. The middle school where she first taught banned all forms of social media by students on school property. […]

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The Importance of International Perspectives on Education

From June 21 to August 1, I will be attending the Asia Pacific Higher Education Research Partnerships Institute in Taiwan.  I am looking forward to the event, as I have not had many opportunities to travel outside of the United States since I received my Masters of Education degree in 2011 from the University of […]

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Marketing the College Experience: A Problem for the Online University?

Recently, over 3,000 students who applied to the University of Florida for their undergraduate education received welcome news of their acceptance… with a single caveat: they had to take their entire first year of classes online. Back in September 2013, Florida Governor Rick Scott authorized the creation of UF Online, allocating $35 million over five years […]

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Alice Goffman, Ethics, and Advising

A few years ago, as a graduate student at USC, I visited the American Sociological Association’s website. A name grabbed my attention. “Goffman,” I thought, “She can’t be related to the Goffman.” Alice Goffman, as it turns out, is the daughter of renowned sociologist Erving Goffman. I hurried to Google. She received her Ph.D. from […]

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We’re In This Together

Not all education conferences are the same. Before last week, the only conferences I attended were held by the American Education Researcher’s Association (AERA) conference.  Both of my experiences at AERA were transformative for my growth as a researcher and engaged academic. The conference I attended last week, Digital Media and Learning (DML), had a […]

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Can Academic Publishing Be Disrupted?

The proliferation of academic journals creates a problem for any scholars who want to stay up-to-date on the newest research in their fields.  Years ago, when I taught music history, it was a simple matter to walk over to the library and skim through the 15-20 journals that were central to my scholarly interests.  Today, […]

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Parents Use of Technology With Their Kids: Does it Matter?

“What are we reading tonight?” My sister and I would fight over which book we wanted our mom to read. We usually took turns choosing the story.  When we were feeling especially obstinate, my mom would make the executive decision and select the book herself.  Once my sister and I were both reading fluently, my […]

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Requiem for Tenure and Shared Governance at the University of Wisconsin?

Over the past few weeks, I have condemned the treatment of University of Mississippi Chancellor Dan Jones by the Mississippi Board of Trustees, questioned the efficacy of standardized testing and university ranking systems, and even criticized my own university for its handling of graduate students in the Roski School MFA program.  With my advisor (Bill […]

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What Wealthy Kids Do Doesn’t Matter — Refocusing Digital Divide Research

“I used to have three k but my account got deleted,” one of my high school students said to her friend about Instagram. Being the nosy teacher that I was, I asked, “You had three k what?” “Three k followers Mr. T. Over three thousand? Catch up Mr. T., I thought you was hip.” The […]

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