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The Rabbit, the Fox, and the Wolf

Just before I switched to my current advisor a little over halfway through my program, I received this from him in an email: The Rabbit, the Fox, and the Wolf One sunny day a rabbit came out of her hole in the ground to enjoy the fine weather. The day was so nice that she […]

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Games—A Matter of Life and Death?

Two weeks ago we were awarded a “First in the World” grant through the Fund for Innovation in Postsecondary Education. The program “provides grants to spur the development of innovations that improve educational outcomes, makes college more affordable for students and families, and develops an evidence base of effective practices.” When I listened to the […]

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Strawberry Fields Forever—But What About IP?

We go to the farmer’s market off of Sunset on Sunday mornings. The fruits and vegetables are great and it’s fun wandering around figuring out what to buy. When strawberries are in season I always buy too many since they are so luscious. I buy the ones up the coast toward Watsonville. I think they’re […]

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Friends, Lovers, and Social Media Experimentation: The Need for New Ethical Guidelines

This summer, Facebook released findings from a controversial study. I blogged about my concerns. Less than a month later, OKCupid’s co-founder publicized his own company’s unethical experiments. What timing. The last six months, in fact, have been filled with troubling examples of data misuse and security leaks—think about it: Facebook, OKCupid, Heartbleed, Bash, and the […]

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Sexual Assault on Campus—Part IV

What are we to do when we actually find a student responsible for sexually assaulting another person? I hope from the other blogs (see here, here, and here) you get how difficult it is to reach this point in the process, but let’s assume we’re there. Many folks are still ambivalent about what to do. […]

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Sexual Assault on Campus—Part III

When we compound the problem of establishing whether or not consent was secured with the presence of alcohol in an alleged sexual assault case, I imagine administrators’ eyes rolling back in their heads. First question: Is it possible for a drunk woman to have consensual sex? Sure. How could a potential sex partner be sure? […]

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Sexual Assault on Campus—Part II

Nowhere can we see the impact of a male privileged world view more clearly than in higher education’s confusion around the issue of consent and sexual assault. Recent proposed legislation suggests that colleges define consent as affirmatively hearing “yes” versus the current “prove she said ‘no’” practice. Who does “prove she said ‘no’” favor? This […]

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Sexual Assault on Campus—Part I

In this and my next three essays I discuss sexual assault on college campuses, presenting some thoughts and recommendations. The first tackles the collective misunderstanding about the perpetrators; the second, our misunderstandings about consent; the third about the role of alcohol; and the fourth, our reluctance to levy appropriate sanctions. The first barrier to higher […]

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Good Stuff x 2

During the 2014–2015 school year, I am very much looking forward to piloting wrap-around curriculum for the games we developed in collaboration with the USC Game Innovation Lab. The first up is FutureBound. FutureBound is a game designed to engage middle school students in learning about college. Through game play, students develop an understanding for […]

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The End of My Beginning …

Last Monday, I successfully defended my doctoral dissertation almost four years to the day that I started my Ph.D. program. It has been quite a ride. As I entered the room with the nationally known researchers, past university presidents, and research organization heads, I couldn’t help but feel honored to be there sharing about the […]

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