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Mentoring Graduate Students, Part 2

Discovery is central to graduate education. Students explore new ideas and challenge old beliefs. They practice complex skills and interact with an array of scholars. But, from reading a professor’s trenchant feedback to narrowing your dissertation focus, the process is not always glamorous. Here are a few resources to ease the journey: Purdue Owl APA […]

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Mentoring Graduate Students Part 1

I love Shakespeare. No. Wait. That’s not quite right. I really love Shakespeare. As an undergrad student, I read most of his plays and all of his sonnets. I visited the Folger Shakespeare Library. I studied literary criticisms. I enrolled in as many Brit Lit classes as possible. And, I constantly thought about his lines […]

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Tuition Perks Bye-Bye

One of the ancillary issues of the Affordable Care Act is the assumption that I get to itemize what I want on my insurance policy. In some respects that issue has been simmering for years.  Think of the airline industry attempts to make us pay for every item we may use. They still may fork […]

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Academic Affairs III: Revelatory Reviews of the New Novel

Here’s what readers are saying: (1) With all the sizzle of Fifty Shades of Grey…Academic Affairs is not just a love story. It’s a true love story, as much about mind and spirit as it is about body. That is not to say this read is for prudes. We get to have our intellectual cake […]

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New publication: “Using ethnography to understand twenty-first century college life”

Happy New Year, 21st Century Scholar readers! This year has gotten off to a great start and I anxiously await what else in store. Please check out my newest publication and first for the year 2014! Ethnography in the field of postsecondary education has served as a magnifying glass bringing into focus university culture and […]

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Recapping #ASHE2013 through Twitter

#ASHE2013 was an incredible experience and I have found no better way to capture memorable moments than through Twitter. Thank you to anyone who attended my sessions, supported my work, and followed my presentations through twitter! Below are some select tweets from this phenomenal conference!                     […]

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Love and the Life Academic

This Week 21st Century Scholar features blogs written by scholars from the Ohio State University. Reflection offers boundless opportunities for self-improvement, but every so often you come to a shocking realization. Here’s one of mine: I entered doctoral study blind. I knew I wanted to be a professor. I just had no idea what that […]

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Hope for Us Yet? Analyzing Covert Prejudice in Higher Education

Earlier this summer Stacey Patton’s article, “At the Ivies, It’s Still White at the Top” in the Chronicle of Higher Education, examined the lack of racial and ethnic diversity in many of America’s elite universities. Using data from the Department of Education, Patton pointed out that despite antidiscrimination policies, leadership positions are seldom offered to candidates […]

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Five Lessons Hip-Hop Taught Me about my Ph.D. Journey and the Academy

“Stay far from timid Only make moves when ya heart’s in it And live the phrase sky’s the limit.” The Notorious B.I.G. I plug in my headphones to my iPhone and I am reminded through the words of many great hip-hop artists that the sky is the limit. I remember that I am 26 year-old […]

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Undocumented and Unwanted: Attending College Against the Odds

Late last year, LFB Scholarly Publishing approached me regarding publishing my dissertation in their series, The New Americans, edited by Steven J. Gold and Ruben G. Rumbaut. I was honored and excited at the opportunity to share the stories of nine undocumented immigrant college students with a larger audience. I devoted every weekend of winter […]

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