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Teaching and Grading

Over the last two days, I graded 28 student papers. And I enjoyed it. It was great to see the growth of my students’ ideas and further development of their writing skills in just five weeks. I was sharing about how much I enjoyed grading these papers with another group of college students and more […]

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Postdoc Also Means Pre-Job

As I wrote about over the summer, I started as a UC Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Scholar in the Graduate School of Education at UC Riverside. Since the fall is application season and since I’ve been at UCR almost three months now, I figured it would be useful to share a little about the program and what I’ve […]

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Remembering A Feeling–Being the New Kid on the First Day of School

The last time I contributed to this blog I was Amanda Ochsner, grad student. Today I write to you as Amanda Ochsner, PhD. If I’m being honest, I’m still getting used to the new title. Forgoing jargon, “weird” is the best word I have to describe the feeling. Finishing your PhD is like many other […]

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Discussing Power, Privilege and Identity in the Classroom

I’m teaching a course this fall called “Creating Communities of Interest” in our Educational Counseling program. We’re going to talk about power, privilege and identity in our next class meeting. I’m nervous about it. I’ve prepared for the class meeting.  I have plans for how to get the discussion going.  But I’m always worried when I talk […]

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And We’re Back!

The 21st Century Scholar began in 2009 under the leadership of Dr. Bill Tierney and the Pullias Center.  As Dr. Tierney said in his last blog, the 21st Century Scholar has now moved over to the USC Rossier Office of Research and Faculty Affairs.  We hope to compliment the work of Dr. Tierney and the Pullias Center.  At […]

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Summing Up II

I noticed a few weeks back that Marquette University, to its considerable credit, has raised its minimum wage for workers to $16.00/hour.  I weighed in on this last year and suggested that USC do something similar.   I also have written about “college for all” and over time have come to see it with mixed emotions.  […]

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I Don’t Give Shots…

I’ve found that a lot of folks don’t really understand what someone with a Ph.D. in education does.  They grasp that I teach, but not what I teach.  They somewhat get that I do research, but the fact that the research doesn’t take place in a lab is perplexing.  They are confused by the perpetual […]

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Using Qualitative Research to Contest Stereotypes

How are black men portrayed? After Freddie Gray’s death due to the brutality of six Baltimore police officers, news casts focused on Gray’s criminal record and suspect behavior. When city residents protested, the media became more interested. Reporters searched for provocative stories and trolled for increased viewership. They showed dehumanizing videos of wild mobs looting […]

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The Wonder of Big Science I

A few months ago Barry and I went up to Vandenberg Air Force Base to watch his rocket ship take off.  About 2,000 individuals who had been working on the project assembled in Buellton the night before the launch.  If you’re looking for a good time, then meeting 1,000 engineers and their families in Buellton […]

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Invisible User

“I am invisible, understand, simply because people refuse to see me… When they approach me they see only my surroundings, themselves or figments of their imagination, indeed, everything and anything except me,” Ralph Ellison wrote in his Invisible Man. I am a Black man and in some spaces, because of this identity, I battle the […]

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