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Five Lessons Hip-Hop Taught Me about my Ph.D. Journey and the Academy

“Stay far from timid Only make moves when ya heart’s in it And live the phrase sky’s the limit.” The Notorious B.I.G. I plug in my headphones to my iPhone and I am reminded through the words of many great hip-hop artists that the sky is the limit. I remember that I am 26 year-old […]

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Chicken Soup for the Ph.D. Student Soul

  Gil Scott Heron once said: “The revolution that takes place in your head…nobody will ever see that.” As I approach the 4th year in my doctoral program, I find more conflict with this statement than resolution. The revolution taking place in my own mind is now evidenced in my writing, research, advocacy, and practice. But […]

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A Guide to Strategic Diversity

I wrote the Foreword to Damon William’s Examining Strategic Diversity Leadership: Activating Change and Transformation in Higher Education (Stylus, 2013). Here’s what I said: In his epic The Souls of Black Folk in 1903 W. E. B. Du Bois commented that “the problem of the Twentieth Century is the problem of the color line.” Damon Williams […]

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Reflections on Racial Profiling at USC

As I approached this May 7 blog post I was all set to write about AERA 2013, a phenomenal career-changing experience. I left San Francisco feeling refreshed in my purpose as an emerging scholar in the field of postsecondary education. But shortly after I returned home I was reminded by another unfortunate incident of my […]

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Let’s See Other People? Navigating a Long-Term Relationship with Graduate School

I have been blessed to meet countless colleagues in graduate school across many academic disciplines. This network has provided me with a lot of inspiration and insight into the sometimes daunting process of graduate school. The more I listen to my colleagues, the more graduate school begins to sound like a relationship partner rather than […]

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Looking Back, While Moving Forward

The truth is, the spaces and occupations we belong to can hurt us. Such a notion is no stranger to any profession, much less to anyone working in academe. Yet I wonder why pain and healing seem to be almost taboo topics in this arena. Perhaps because the nature of our work is almost machine-like, […]

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A Graceful Tenure and Promotion Process?

As a newly minted Ph.D., the process of tenure and promotion is now an imminent reality rather than a “far away land” I once thought it to be as a doctoral student. As a Ph.D. student/candidate, I learned, among other things, how to think critically, how to scrutinize my own writing, how to write publishable […]

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Motivated by Misconceptions and Tenure: One Outsider-Within’s Perspective

I began this Ph.D. journey, so that I could never be told I lacked credentials. In this fourth year of my journey, I can’t recall how often professors cajoled, encouraged, and demanded that I choose the faculty. Initially, I turned a deaf ear, because as director of university relations, my salary before graduate school was […]

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Tenure’s Dirty Little Secrets

There are so many secrets that occur during the tenure process. Even if you have a stellar record, the key here is not to “piss” any one off. The idea is to stay in the middle where no one has had any negative experiences and you weren’t too brilliant. Overachievers are the first to get the […]

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What I Think I Know About Tenure

I always have trouble remembering if assistant or associate professors have tenure. I understand the tenure process. I understand that one follows the other. However, the distinction is something I have to think about longer than I should, like what time zone Wisconsin is in or how to spell “restaurant.” The son of a high […]

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