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Graduation Season!

What’s the next best thing after the holidays and vacation? Graduation season! At some schools there are even kindergarten and 8th grade graduations, which are both festive and cute. Then there are high school graduations which most secondary students across the country dream about for 4 years. Ultimately, it is important to recognize these milestones […]

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Thank You, Don Nakanishi! RIP

A good portion of my adult years was working in the Asian Pacific American community.  From 1992 through 2014, I worked or volunteered for:  Asian Pacific AIDS Intervention Team, API Equality-LA, East West Players, Gay Asian Pacific Support Network, API Pride Council, Barangay and the California Commission on API Affairs.  Through that time, Don Nakanishi’s […]

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Fresh Starts

In my December post, I wrote about my social media exhaustion and selective silence about issues of race, power, and social justice in the US. I wrote a little bit about some administrative experiences I’ve had, too, so I was nervous about that blog going out. I barely slept the night before it posted. The […]

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On the Job Market

On the job market… These are stressful words for anyone looking for work. As a current postdoc looking for employment, I write to share what I’ve learned from this past semester of being in the thick of it. Starting Printing out the job call then reading it through with a highlighter and pen helps me. It […]

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My Higher Ed Wish List

The past year was an exciting yet troubling time for higher education. Those of us who are dedicated to making institutions more accessible and equitable places for students have a long road ahead in 2016, but we also saw some signs of progress in 2015. As we engage in the holidays and the beginning of […]

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Tips for Ph.D. Students Revisited

My last blog received positive feedback, so I decided to add a couple more tips for the end of the year. Rather than focusing on coursework, I thought it might be helpful to offer three broad suggestions about surviving the first couple of semesters in a Ph.D. program: 1) Try not to spread yourself too […]

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Tips for Approaching Ph.D. Coursework

After this week, I will be finished with my doctoral coursework and begin preparations for qualifying exams in the spring.  If I had chosen to pursue a Ph.D. in the United Kingdom or Hong Kong (where I received my Masters degree in higher education), no classes would have been necessary.  Ph.D. students in those locations […]

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Teaching and Grading

Over the last two days, I graded 28 student papers. And I enjoyed it. It was great to see the growth of my students’ ideas and further development of their writing skills in just five weeks. I was sharing about how much I enjoyed grading these papers with another group of college students and more […]

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Postdoc Also Means Pre-Job

As I wrote about over the summer, I started as a UC Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Scholar in the Graduate School of Education at UC Riverside. Since the fall is application season and since I’ve been at UCR almost three months now, I figured it would be useful to share a little about the program and what I’ve […]

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Remembering A Feeling–Being the New Kid on the First Day of School

The last time I contributed to this blog I was Amanda Ochsner, grad student. Today I write to you as Amanda Ochsner, PhD. If I’m being honest, I’m still getting used to the new title. Forgoing jargon, “weird” is the best word I have to describe the feeling. Finishing your PhD is like many other […]

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