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You’ve Written (or Are Writing) a Dissertation … So What?

We talk so much about research questions—what qualifies as a good question, whether the question implies a certain research methodology, what are the right words to use, etc. Yet, at the end of the day there’s one question that trumps even the research question(s). It is important to ask … so what? What’s significant about […]

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Graduate Students in Debt & the Money Taboo

Last month I wrote a post about the newly released documentary, Ivory Tower. My post (and the film) was primarily concerning the student debt crisis facing higher education in general with a focus on the rise in student loan debt of undergraduate students in recent decades. But, what was not addressed in the film was […]

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The Revolution is Now?

It’s summer, so that must mean that I am teaching Finance in Higher Education again. And this summer, I’m teaching it a lot. I have all three sections for the Ed.D. and Master’s programs related to higher education, which means I lead the course six hours a night, three nights a week, for six weeks. […]

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How is a Dissertation Like Falling in Love?

Even a cursory reading of pop psychology reveals that humans attempt to recreate the love they once felt from their parents in the arms of another adult later in life. Falling in love, then, is a precarious practice and—as with all hazardous yet vital life activities—there is a constant possibility of torment. So too then, […]

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Knowledge of Borrowing and Repayment–Ignorance Isn’t Always Bliss

In our work with master’s degree students, we found that many of them freely admitted to knowing very little, and, in many cases, nothing, about their student loans when they were undergraduates. Common responses were: “My parents took care of most of it.” and “They [mom and dad] sent me the information and I signed […]

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Graduate Student’s Debt Decision-Making Process—Seeking Advice and Making the Right Decision

Borrowing money to pay for college, a new home, a car, or to consolidate debt, can be a stressful experience. Not having someone to talk with about borrowing can add to the stress. In our study students described the stress they encountered, or avoided, when making financial aid decisions. One student told us, “My sister […]

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Is Education Loan Debt Really a Return on Investment (ROI)?

Once again it is the time of year when graduates across the country proudly don their caps and gowns and march across the stage to pomp and circumstance to receive their hard earned degrees. These degrees are then followed up by the first student loan bills, which will require hard earned cash to pay back. […]

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Financing College: What’s It Like for Master’s Students?

This week, 21st Century Scholar features blogs related to findings from a recent study of master’s degree students and how they make plans to pay for their graduate work. At a time when the media and researchers are paying so much attention to student debt, our team decided to try to understand more about what […]

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“Pounding the Rock” in Basketball—or in a Ph.D. Program

Since 1997, the San Antonio Spurs have compiled an enviable record in the National Basketball Association, making the playoffs for 17 consecutive seasons, finishing first in their division 11 times, and winning four championships. Many of the Spurs players, though, are reaching the tail end of their careers. Their most prominent player, power forward Tim […]

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Words of Wisdom Applicable to the Dissertation from the late, Great Dr. Maya Angelou

A few weeks ago the world lost a powerful literary voice—Dr. Maya Angelou. While she was not a scholar of education, I use her poignant words here as I write a bit of my experience writing my dissertation on the learning, preparation, and socialization of trustees of public multicampus boards. Nothing will work unless you […]

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