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Marketing the College Experience: A Problem for the Online University?

Recently, over 3,000 students who applied to the University of Florida for their undergraduate education received welcome news of their acceptance… with a single caveat: they had to take their entire first year of classes online. Back in September 2013, Florida Governor Rick Scott authorized the creation of UF Online, allocating $35 million over five years […]

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Alice Goffman, Ethics, and Advising

A few years ago, as a graduate student at USC, I visited the American Sociological Association’s website. A name grabbed my attention. “Goffman,” I thought, “She can’t be related to the Goffman.” Alice Goffman, as it turns out, is the daughter of renowned sociologist Erving Goffman. I hurried to Google. She received her Ph.D. from […]

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Everything Old is New Again

Starting July 1, I am taking on a “new” administrative role in Rossier. After an exploratory year as the Dean’s Special Projects Assistant, I decided to apply for a “new” position as the Faculty Program Lead for the Master’s Programs. And I got it. And I am grateful. I keep using the term “new” in […]

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The Shape of Things to Come

Critics used to deride the use of business terminology to speak about higher education.  Students were not “consumers” because higher education was not a “business.”  Twenty years ago, even a decade ago, the language of the market seemed anathema to many of us in academe.  Such language was akin to having moneychangers in the temple. […]

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The Disconnect Between Innovation and University Rankings

A few weeks ago, I made the case that university rankings offer little of relevance or substance to prospective students.  This week, I would like to discuss the similarly tenuous relationship between university rankings and the stated ambition of many contemporary universities to be innovative. Two years ago, the president of Arizona State University, Michael […]

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Social Media: Academic Freedom for Whom?

One of my professors recommended that I meet with one of her undergraduate students because we shared similar research interests. I met her at a coffee shop on campus.  It seems natural– the second year PhD student sharing experiences with an undergraduate student planning to apply to a doctoral program. We indeed discussed our similar […]

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Escaping the Digital

“What’s the Point of a Professor” was a New York Times opinion piece by Mark Bauerlein that has generated wide response and conversation about the role of the professor in the 21st century. Bauerlein argues that professors are becoming more like “accreditors” and fail to inspire and invest in students like the professors of old. Although […]

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The Demise of Small Liberal Arts Colleges

(Written with James Dean Ward) The small private liberal arts college may soon be an endangered species. About one-third of the nation’s approximately 4,500 private nonprofit and for-profit institutions have student bodies of 1,500 students or less. Of these, roughly half, or 750, are experiencing financial pressures because of bond indebtedness, according to a recently […]

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The Wonder of Big Science I

A few months ago Barry and I went up to Vandenberg Air Force Base to watch his rocket ship take off.  About 2,000 individuals who had been working on the project assembled in Buellton the night before the launch.  If you’re looking for a good time, then meeting 1,000 engineers and their families in Buellton […]

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Movie Review: Whiplash – The Art and Terror of Mentoring

A friend suggested that I write a review of Whiplash since I’m supposed to know something about mentoring.  She had seen it with her son and mentioned “it sparked a great discussion about whether intimidation and belittling are good teaching methods.”  She also gave me a link to a movie review.  See here.  The movie is […]

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