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Requiem for a Heavyweight

DISCLAIMER – The author is a proud alum of the University of Phoenix and the Apollo Group.  In 1994, Apollo took a chance on me and I took a chance on them.  The next 8 years proved to be the most professionally stimulating period of the author’s career.  Years later, I look back at those […]

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The Mission Admission Launch

Juniors at over 50 high schools will be beginning their Mission Admission challenge. We’ve told you a bit about the grant in our earlier blogs, but what’s going on now? I went to a couple of schools last week and I’ll give you a little insight into how the challenge will look. There are three […]

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Phyllis Schlafley and I Go Way Back

Phyllis Schlafley and I go way back. She plagued me in the late 1970s when I was a college student. I had been sexually assaulted in the first semester of my freshman year, and was struggling with feelings of shame and rage. I watched her almost single-handedly engineer the defeat of the Equal Rights Amendment […]

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What’s Your Wifi?

I appreciate broadband when I remember dial-up connections. I shudder recalling the glacial pace of my family’s AOL something point O struggling to establish a connection. Most of the time, however, I accept broadband as a fact of life. When I visit friends’ houses, I don’t ask if they have Wi-Fi — I ask for the password. […]

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Fresh Starts

In my December post, I wrote about my social media exhaustion and selective silence about issues of race, power, and social justice in the US. I wrote a little bit about some administrative experiences I’ve had, too, so I was nervous about that blog going out. I barely slept the night before it posted. The […]

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Selective Silence

About two weeks ago, I shut down my Facebook to the bare minimum. I use Facebook as a means to communicate with friends and family, but also with the academic community that I am a part of. Between the terrorist attacks globally, the ongoing murders of men of color in the US, and the ongoing […]

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Don’t Confuse Me with the Facts – Higher Education’s Next Mission

Americans don’t seem too concerned with “Exaggerations.”  Donald Trump saw thousands of Muslims in Jersey City celebrating the collapse of the World Trade Center.  Ben Carson is certain that the Biblical Joseph built the pyramids to store grain.  Birthers are certain that our president was born in Africa even after he produced a birth certificate issued in Hawaii.  We […]

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Why I Study Access to Higher Education

When I was a senior in high school, I felt lost. I knew I wanted to go to college to do better and make money—I uncritically believed in the bootstrapping narrative of social mobility, long before I opened a book by Bourdieu, Marx, or Freire. I would go to my neighborhood library and read books […]

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Interviewing and the Importance of Listening

Have you ever read a Henry James novel? I have, as an undergraduate in an American lit. class. I, along with 20 or so of my peers, read Portrait of a Lady. James—the brother of psychologist William James—is known for long, descriptive passages and a focus on the minutiae of life and consciousness. You can […]

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Don’t Knock #SafeSpace

Images like this one have been circulating on Twitter, mocking Safe Space.  It is in response to the thousands of students across the country who are trying to create room for themselves on college campuses across the country. Of course, these students are being depicted as cry babies. Or seen as those unwilling to hear differing opinions. […]

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