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Dialoguing on Post-Secondary Access

Growing emphasis on the need for college-educated workers have placed the spotlight on higher education in recent decades. For example, recent reports from the Center on the Education and the Workforce tout the need for increased college-educated workers given the rise in information technology and the need for higher levels of cognitive competencies, all of […]

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Measuring Culture

Measurements are important. It is how you can tell if your chicken is safe to eat (internal temperature of at least 165 degrees), if you are improving the time it takes you to run a mile (30 seconds faster!), or if your car is really getting the miles-per-gallon as advertised (Volkswagen…). Some measurements are rather […]

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The Role of an Evaluator

Working with the Mission Admission team is a great pleasure.  The team is a fantastic group of smart, hardworking people who are passionate about education and equity.  The team is full of people who are growing professionally within the education sector.  In the future many people on this project will work with or as an […]

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The Challenge of Platform

For the First In The World challenge, the team at the USC Game Innovation Lab took Mission: Admission, a game that was developed several years ago for Facebook, and redesigned it to work on modern platforms and devices. We had already solved a lot of hard problems related to games in classrooms when we originally […]

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The Onerous Process of Technology Acquisition

I proudly and regularly share in my PhD classes that I was a teacher for ten years in inner-city public schools. I draw on my teaching experiences to analyze articles in educational research journals, and I remember my classroom as a fun and inspiring place for me to be. I do not, however, often remember […]

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Getting to College Through Screen

I remember the first time I saw a computer—or at least what I thought was a computer. I was living in El Salvador. My father had gone to work for several days to San Salvador, El Salvador’s capital. This was very unusual. My father was a country man. We lived in the countryside. He never […]

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Top Three Takeaways from First in the World

When I joined the First in the World (FITW) team this January, I brought a unique perspective. I was eager to learn about managing a big project – all of my previous projects had been small or mid-sized. I also was equipped to put this learning in context. As researcher-practitioner specializing in 21st century learning, […]

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Calibrating the Mechanics of Games with the Realities of Students

One of the principles of good educational game design is that you want the actions that players take through your game to meaningfully align with the game’s learning goals. A good rule of thumb is that if you could swap out your game’s topic or narrative with something else, then the mechanics likely only superficially […]

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Thank You, Don Nakanishi! RIP

A good portion of my adult years was working in the Asian Pacific American community.  From 1992 through 2014, I worked or volunteered for:  Asian Pacific AIDS Intervention Team, API Equality-LA, East West Players, Gay Asian Pacific Support Network, API Pride Council, Barangay and the California Commission on API Affairs.  Through that time, Don Nakanishi’s […]

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First 8 days of March: More Journaling Race

Hello Diary, Just as I documented in my blog last month, race is salient and ever present in my academic life. I don’t have to look for it, it finds me. My motivation for sharing this is to show how one can make daily decisions to advocate for racial equity and cultural differences (or not). […]

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