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Professors Who Poke

Believe it or not, college and university faculty have embraced online social media. Over ninety percent of faculty use social media in their work; thirty percent use Facebook for academic purposes. Many faculty require students to view social media (40%), many require students to read posts as class assignments (30%), and some require students to […]

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The Geography of Facebook

Self-presentation is the centerpiece of Facebook. By design, on all social media sites, the user is the central node of her social graph; everything in her network refers back to her self-impression online. Social media researchers refer to this as the “egocentric” nature of sites like Facebook. Whether posted by the user or by her […]

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Wars with Friends?

The process of sharing information and experiences online ultimately makes them the common possession of all who are in our networks.  Whether we produce the information or consume it, our viewpoints are modified for better or worse, though perhaps not so categorically.  Messages, photos, Likes, links and tags amend meaning; they do what shared experiences […]

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Bowling with Facebook Friends

For John Dewey, the ultimate challenge of American democracy was to achieve the “Great Community” (1927/1946).  Dewey recognized in the early decades of the 20th century that technology would alter the development of democratic community, but only if realized effectively. If technologies could expand communication and extend the range of associations and relationships among women […]

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Is Facebook the 21st Century College Student’s “Great Community”?

I regularly look to pragmatic philosopher John Dewey to explain most things American. As a political philosopher, Dewey recognized the possibilities of American life; his was a social hope for post-colonial equity that resonates with my immigrant sensibilities. Thus, long before journalist and author Malcolm Gladwell (2008) made the observation that even among the most […]

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