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Recognizing the Trajectory Toward Inequality

In his term as president of the American Education Research Association, Bill Tierney focused on inequity in education. Recently, he edited a volume with Johns Hopkins University Press, Rethinking Education and Poverty, that will help raise the awareness of researchers that focus on inequality in K-12 and higher education. After reviewing the draft chapters, I […]

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The Academic, Version 2.0: The Scholar in the Era of Social Media (#AERA14)

The Academic, Version 2.0: The Scholar in the Era of Social Media (#AERA14) Sun, April 6, 12:25 to 1:55pm, Convention Center, 100 Level, 108B Scholars have been late adopters of social media compared to professionals in other fields; however, our critical role in connecting with youth and across disciplines makes mastering social media an essential […]

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Approaching AERA

It’s that time of year again.  AERA is in our sights.  Last year we had 15,000 attendees in San Francisco so it’s like a small city.  I mentioned some of these points before, but they are worth repeating for those of us who are new to attending conferences in terms of how to plan. Be […]

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Rush to Relevance: Conducting Research to Improve Policy and Practice

“We need research to be more relevant” is a common clarion call in education. Most recently, John Easton, Director of IES, released a video for AERA in which he talks about different initiatives to improve relevancy. During one of my first Ph.D. courses, Bill asked us about the three major responsibilities of academics: research, teaching, […]

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Reflections on a Year: My Year as President of AERA Part IV

Kris Renn, my program chair, and I put together presidential and invited sessions based on a variety of factors, but a key point had to do with ensuring there was a diversity of opinion. Secretary of Education Duncan garnered the most controversy. Several individuals said I should not have invited him to speak or I […]

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Reflections on a Year: My year as President of AERA Part II

As so often happens, one of the more time-consuming and contentious issues during the year was something I had no knowledge about until a week or two after I became president. The merger of AERJ from two sections to one was a hot-button issue for some members of the association. One of the problems about […]

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Reflections on a Year: My Year as President of AERA Part I

I thought it might be useful to reflect on what I learned during the year of my presidency at AERA for a few blogs. Not surprisingly, I suppose, either for those who know research associations or me, the year was a learning experience. I also was not surprised by some of the more contentious situations […]

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Thursday is TechDay: Hipsters are Alive and Well at AERA 2013

According to knowyourmeme.com: Hip is an American slang term vaguely meaning fashionably current. But since the term doesn’t refer to one specific quality (similar to ‘cool’), what is actually considered hip is ever-changing and therefore impossible to define. Thanks to Malcolm Gladwell’s book, the term “hipster” had gone the tragic route of other generational pejoratives such […]

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Important Questions and Considerations for Researchers and Educators Following AERA 2013

In keeping with my past two reflections of AERA 2013, I conclude my recap with important considerations and questions I hope do not go ignored for future conferences and also for our own work as educators, researchers, and scholars.  

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Some of My Top Moments from AERA 2013 (Part II)

From the beginning, I was really thankful for the opportunity to represent my institution.   And then this happened:   And we can’t forget this:     “Tweet-ups” were wonderful:   Meeting with mentors was certainly illuminating:   Live tweeting was one of the biggest highlights, especially during the phenomenal presidential session given by my […]

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