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Renumeration and perks

By Bill Tierney

How do you think our administrators should travel—first class or economy? What about where they stay—a regular hotel or a five-star hotel? How about getting back and forth from the airport—taxi, shuttle, or limo? And if they’re going to San Francisco for a meeting what should the per diem be? Before we get to the […]

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Reflections on citizenship: Growing up undocumented in a mixed-status home

By Jacky Acosta & Rudy Acosta

During my high school years, I remember hearing the counselors and English teachers discuss college applications and the FAFSA. During a class presentation, the counselors kept emphasizing how everyone could apply to FAFSA. I wondered if everyone included me. I am an undocumented student and was curious and confused by this comment. I politely interrupted […]

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Mi espejo: Personal reflections of a Chicana immigrant researcher

By Susana M. Muñoz

A few years ago I was working at Mountain West University* as a retention specialist for Student Support Services, a federally-funded program which serves primarily low-income and first-generation students. Not only did we provide students with great programs and workshops to support them academically, we also organized trips to campus theatre performances and other events […]

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My relationship with America

By Crissel Rodriguez

I fell in love with America when I was five years old. It seems like yesterday when I started my first day of Kindergarten. I ventured out in to the world that day with a pink backpack, a new pair of black shiny shoes, and a flower-patterned denim shirt. My mom always tells me how […]

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A call for generative hope in the struggle for undocumented students’ educational equity

By Ryan Evely Gildersleeve

Paulo Freire wrote about hope as an ontological need and about struggle as a prerequisite for hope. Across his life’s work, Freire suggested that becoming more fully human requires hope, and that struggle itself can be humanizing. Yet, in times like these, hope can be difficult to generate: a global economic crisis, radical consolidations of […]

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When a dream becomes a nightmare

By Uriel Rivera

November is usually a stressful time for many high schools students all over California; application deadlines to the California State University (CSU) and the University of California (UC) are around the corner and students are working with a lot of effort to apply and be accepted to some of the best public institutions not only […]

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Special week … undocumented immigrant students

By Lisa Garcia

We here at 21st Century Scholar are delighted to bring you a special week focusing on undocumented immigrant students. Each day, a guest blogger—Uriel Rivera, Ryan Evely Gildersleeve, Crissel Rodriguez, Susana Muñoz, and a brother and sister from a mixed-status family—will talk about their experiences as, interactions with, and hopes for undocumented immigrants and students. We hope that you […]

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My son: The 22nd century scholar

By Mark DeFusco

It is that time of year when children extort candy from nice old people. With a joy that comes with brisk clear skies, I watch my young children at this harvest ritual. My daughter is resplendent as an ice princess. My son is startling as a prematurely bearded pirate. This festival where we celebrate the […]

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The future of methods coursework

By Stefani Relles

Thursday is TechDay Today’s Thursday is TechDay blog is an introduction to the future of qualitative research software: the online platform. If you haven’t heard the news, there’s a new qualitative software player in town. It’s called Dedoose, and it’s worth a look for two reasons. First, within the qualitative research community, it pioneers the […]

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Bill Tierney and Stefani Relles blog at The Washington Post

By Lisa Garcia

Want to read more about how to teach writing to college-bound students? Check out the blog post here!

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