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Reality ends here: A (trans-)media making alternate reality game for cinema students

By Jeff Watson

The strength of the Collegeology Games project I mention in my 21st Century Scholar posts is intimately tied to our collaboration with Tracy Fullerton, Director of the USC Game Innovation Lab, and her game design team. Jeff Watson’s blog below describes a fascinating project that illustrates just why Tracy and her students are at the forefront of game design. –Zoe Corwin Just […]

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Did you know …

By Bill Tierney

Dropouts The lifetime earnings losses associated with dropping out of high school are approximately $260,000 overall. –Rouse, C. E. (2005). Homeless Youth [Children experiencing homelessness] have twice the rate of learning disabilities as non-homeless children. –National Center on Family Homelessness, (2009). Foster Care Youth 70% of all California State Prison inmates are former foster youth. […]

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Reimagining civic engagement through game design

By S. Craig Watkins

Games represent a promising frontier in the effort to build more compelling learning experiences for students. The belief that gaming experiences offer young people a unique and culturally relevant way to develop important 21st century skills and competencies is gaining currency. Over the next year I will be working with a team of graduate students, […]

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Games for civics and neighborhoods

By Benjamin Stokes

As evidence grows for games as learning systems, I study their civic potential. Until recently, it was hard to imagine videogames seeking to change the real world. Yet this is increasingly common, with some games for social change reaching millions on issues from genocide to immigration reform (e.g., Darfur is Dying). As a new civic […]

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Games unite

By Laird Malamed

Games unite people in a multitude of ways—some obvious, others seemingly unique to the medium. They provoke a range of emotions and allow us to construct stories about those experiences. We can witness all sorts of machinima on youtube, but the sharing I refer to is more personal and direct. Specifically, games for me, both […]

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Friendly competition

By Marie Groark

The statistics can be staggering. In New York City, one out of every three students will miss a month or more of school. In Milwaukee 74% of students will miss five days or more of school a year. Educators know the simple truth, if you don’t go to school, you don’t graduate. If you don’t […]

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Special week … Why games?

By Zoe B. Corwin

When I first starting working on the Collegeology Games project, I was new to the world of games. I wasn’t exactly a skeptic—but I had a very superficial understanding of the power of games to engage, educate, and provoke action. I’m guessing a few of our 21st Century Scholars might be in the same boat […]

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Bill Tierney—Rossier in 2020: Schools of Impact

By Bill Tierney

I have found these various blogs quite helpful in advancing my thinking about what I want from not just a school of education, but for my own school. I also have been wondering about what a strategic plan ought to do. I don’t think a strategic plan works very well if we approach it as […]

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Constance Iloh—Rossier in 2020

By Constance Iloh

While sharing my research with a lady I met on the bus this week, she interrupted me and said: “You’re studying urban education? Isn’t that a bunch of white people telling me what I already know about schools?” Well. I would be remiss to fully agree with her sentiments as an African American woman working […]

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Estela Bensimon—Rossier in 2020

By Estela Bensimon

Wednesday, September 9, 2020 It is a very hot day, just like it was nine years ago when we thought about what the Rossier School of Education (RSOE) should look like in 2020. When our dean said the Rossier capital campaign goal was to raise $150 million, it felt very daunting. But we did it. […]

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