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It gets (much) better

By Bill Tierney

It is 1986 and Barry and I have arrived at Penn State. The University does not have a nondiscrimination clause for gays and lesbians which makes discrimination against us okay. A nascent gay rights organization has formed with equal dollops of solidarity, confusion, and fear. Around 1988 we write a respectful letter to the President […]

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Special week … gay pride

By Lisa Garcia

We here at 21stcenturyscholar.org are happy to present a week focusing on the LGBTQ community. Over the course of the next five days, Melissa McDaniels, Kristen Renn, Terrell Strayhorn, Bill Tierney, and Anna V. Wilson, will be blogging about LGBTQ experiences and issues. Stay tuned!

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Not really an apologist for for-profit higher education

By Mark DeFusco

In a recent New York Times magazine article, Joe Nocera spells out a compelling argument about why we need for profit colleges. Given the fight and fury concerning the private sector colleges in the U.S. Congress, the Department of Education, and the media, I find myself frequently writing in support of the sector. My nearly […]

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Minding your Miss Digital manners

By Stefani Relles

Thursday is TechDay Today’s blog is a digital etiquette primer on making a digital presentation in a conference or classroom setting. It’s ultimately about storage. These days, there are lots of options for porting files. Not all of them are suited to every digital situation. The digital storage faux paus There’s always one guy who […]

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Universities need to lead in social media, not follow

By Kathy Hernandez

When today’s college students were born, hardly anyone used e-mail or had a cellphone. Modern communications have evolved so much since then that many young people now consider e-mail to be passé, and they would be mortified if they had to use a landline. They prefer to stay in nearly constant communication via texting, Facebook, […]

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After-school activities improve college access and save lives

By Randy Clemens

Last Friday, I sat in a trailer at Madison Continuation High School, one of my field sites in South Los Angeles. Teachers and administrators in the district call the school an “emergency room.” “Once the students get to us,” said the principal,” they’re in desperate need of some love and care.” In front of me […]

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Education and ice cream

By Barbara Goen

Why in the world is a communications and brand management executive writing for the 21st Century Scholar blog? While I was flattered to be asked, I wondered long and hard about what I might have to say that would be worth a few minutes of time for this impressive readership. When I took on this […]

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Reflections of Leadership in ECHSs

By Jonathan Mathis

Over the past seven years, I have spent a good deal of time in urban high schools. Each moment spent in high schools taught me something new, and the execution of various organizational types hinted at disparities existing within urban centers. Even amongst the disparity, the promising school models that emerged began to spread across […]

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Racial demographics in the University of California, 2010–2011

By Bill Tierney

Racial demographics UC (number of students) UC (percent)1 CA (number of people) CA (percent)2 American Indian 1,162 0.65% 362,801 1.00% African American 6,488 3.61% 2,299,072 6.20% Latino/a 31,909 17.77% 14,013,719 37.60% Asian 68,125 37.94% 4,861,007 13.00% White 55,221 30.75% 14,956,253 40.10% International 6,313 3.52% — — Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander — — 144,386 0.40% Two or […]

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Is choosing a college like finding a new boyfriend?

By Kristan Venegas

The Thursday Pop There are a lot of ways that you can find a romantic interest. I knew my partner from work, but we really first talked to each other about a month after he has stopped working in the office and we were hanging out at a bar with a group of people (true […]

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