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Darnell Cole—Rossier in 2020

By Darnell Cole

Sometimes we must look back to look forward. I’ve recently been immersed in class discussions regarding the formation of logical empiricism (positivism) and the legacy of Marxist thought (critical theory) through a course I’m teaching on the social foundation of research. What has become clear through these class discussions is that these two paradigms have […]

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Margaret Sallee—Rossier in 2020

By Margaret Sallee

Over the past decade, Rossier has undergone a significant transformation. The School has been nationally recognized for restructuring its Ed.D. and Ph.D. programs. Such differentiation brought new strengths to both degrees and Rossier was ahead of the curve in its redesign. The school has also been ahead of the curve in forging partnerships with universities […]

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Robert Rueda—Rossier in 2020

By Robert Rueda

Technology is now a well-established feature of higher education. However, the Rossier School of Education is one of the first major research universities to embrace technology as the core of an entire major instructional program. Soon, and surely by 2020, other major research universities will follow suit, and a wider range of degree programs at […]

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Randy Clemens—Rossier in 2020

By Randy Clemens

On one sunny Monday morning, the fall 2020 semester begins at the University of Southern California. The campus is lively as students and professors walk to class. One first-year doctoral student enters the Rossier School of Education’s new state-of-the-art building. From the lobby, he finds his classroom, an open, friendly space. The room is embedded […]

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June Ahn—Rossier in 2020

By June Ahn

In the year 2020, technology will be even more ubiquitous than it is today. Information will completely surround us—literally embedded in our physical environment, our minds, and our interactions with others. This information-rich environment will change the ways in which we develop relationships, collaborate, play, and learn. This statement, while seemingly innocuous and vague, is […]

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Patricia Burch—Rossier in 2020

By Patricia Burch

Rossier 2020? Immediately I start thinking about changes. This is the problem with much of education policy. We compound the problem by creating more policy or creating policy that is based on erroneous assumptions. With this in mind, I start with what I love about Rossier—what should not change. I love the fact that faculty […]

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Katharine Strunk—Rossier in 2020

By Katharine Strunk

For its 100th anniversary, Rossier promised to “innovate, educate, and transform.” Too often we think of innovation and transformation as simply trying something new, something that is “out of the box.” However, there is a limit to the benefits of innovation when it is substituted for thoughtful change. For transformation to lead to positive outcomes, […]

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Adrianna Kezar—Rossier in 2020

By Adrianna Kezar

Innovation has become the recent focus of our identity and this can be lived in deeper ways by implementing several new ideas. Perhaps most important to innovation is creating a think tank atmosphere with regular intellectual exchanges and perhaps think tank structures within the school. Each year, Rossier should bring in speakers identified by the […]

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Rossier 2020: Discovering new lands

Rossier 2020: Discovering new lands

By Bill Tierney

I am currently on the strategic planning committee for the university; we have had a variety of discussions over the last year and my guess is that sometime this semester we will present a plan to the board of trustees for their approval. I am equally certain that in short order each school will be […]

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By Zoe B. Corwin

My son started Kindergarten on Wednesday. The week prior, his big sister and I took him on a tour of his new school. We walked him into bright classrooms, showed him the library, and explained where he would eat lunch. He met a few teachers, saw the outdoor play structure, and visited the mural he […]

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