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A Strong Affinity for Los Angeles

By Suneal Kolluri

My partner, two children, and our two dogs just moved to Los Angeles from Oakland. Our friends from home often ask how we are adjusting. The family is decidedly split. My kids love our new city and I also have a strong affinity for Los Angeles. My dogs are indifferent (they’re dogs). But my partner, […]

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Checking “Asian” Can be a Disadvantage

By Jenna Sablan

Recently, I was helping a young high school senior on her college applications–it’s that time of year. Her most pressing question–what race should she check? She says she “feels more” Filipina, but she’s heard checking Asian can be a disadvantage. She’s also part Hawaiian, so she wonders if she should say she is Pacific Islander. […]

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Why I Study Boards…

By Raquel Rall

Recently a colleague asked me why I study governance and boards of higher education when there are so many other topics out there to pursue. The problem with the question is that this individual didn’t really want to know why I studied governance.  The person wanted to know why I studied boards and not other, […]

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College Branding: An Oversimplification of Complex Institutional Identities?

By Michael Lanford

When I was seventeen years old, I was one of approximately 150 eleventh and twelfth grade students selected to the Florida All-State Symphonic Band. During the week-long festival, a number of colleges and universities set up recruitment tables during a specified “College Night,” intending to bolster their music programs with students who had already demonstrated […]

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Going off Campus: the Relationship Between Commitment and Stress

By Melora Sundt

One of the most noticeable characteristics of the people I have met at CDER (my temporary home for the next two years) is how deeply committed they are to the mission of the organization. CDER is the unit within the FDA responsible for reviewing drug applications for new, experimental or generic drugs; for monitoring access […]

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Reversing the School-to-Prison Pipeline

By Randy Clemens

The realities and perils of the school-to-prison pipeline have been well documented. Scholars like Michelle Alexander and Victor Rios have illustrated the ways in which discriminatory practices and policies criminalize young men of color. And yet, despite all of the data that demonstrate the need to improve public policies and available opportunities, little changes. Last […]

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Why Is It So Hard to Help?

By Antar Tichavakunda

“But I don’t understand what this video has to do with our section on plant cells, Dr. Berry.” My twelfth grade biology teacher replied, “If you’re not going to watch the video, you can go to the principal’s office.” “That’s cool, it’s probably more productive than this.” Dr. Berry sighed and turned the TV on. […]

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All Students are Unique

By Monique Datta

Lately I have been thinking a lot about my childhood and my experiences in K-12 schools. Though I had some positive experiences in different classrooms both in public and private schools, overall I struggled to acclimate to the school norms that were different than my home life. My background is not unusual. Both of my […]

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Teaching and Grading

By Kristan Venegas

Over the last two days, I graded 28 student papers. And I enjoyed it. It was great to see the growth of my students’ ideas and further development of their writing skills in just five weeks. I was sharing about how much I enjoyed grading these papers with another group of college students and more […]

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Words from the Project Specialist

By Tatttiya Maruco

Although “Project Specialist” is only one of the many titles I’ve held during my working career, with the First In The World project, it’s never been more accurate. Sure, I specialize in the mechanics of a project, but more so, I’ve embraced that the cross-institution collaboration necessary for a project of this scale depends on […]

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