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My Higher Ed Wish List

By Jenna Sablan

The past year was an exciting yet troubling time for higher education. Those of us who are dedicated to making institutions more accessible and equitable places for students have a long road ahead in 2016, but we also saw some signs of progress in 2015. As we engage in the holidays and the beginning of […]

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Taking Responsibility

By Melora Sundt

“How to fire federal employees” was the informal name of a workshop I attended a few weeks ago. The workshop wasn’t about getting rid of great or mediocre employees; it was about dealing with toxic, destructive employees. The presentation made me think – so I’m sharing two thoughts that I took away. First, it can […]

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Semester in Review and Students as Change Agents

By Randy Clemens

The semester is ending. Students are submitting papers. Professors are grading papers. And, hopefully, all had a great four months. As I reflect, I am thankful for a challenging and rewarding semester. I am grateful to have a career that allows me—via research, teaching, and service—to interact with an array of people and, along the […]

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Still a Grand Vision?

By Julie Marsh and Michelle Hall

On July 1, 2013, Governor Jerry Brown signed the Local Control and Funding Formula (LCFF) in California ending 40 years of reliance on categorical funding.  Frequently Asked Questions on LCFF can be found HERE, but essentially LCFF intends to enhance educational outcomes for students—particularly high-needs students, such as low-income students, English learners, and foster youth—through […]

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Tips for Ph.D. Students Revisited

By Michael Lanford

My last blog received positive feedback, so I decided to add a couple more tips for the end of the year. Rather than focusing on coursework, I thought it might be helpful to offer three broad suggestions about surviving the first couple of semesters in a Ph.D. program: 1) Try not to spread yourself too […]

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Selective Silence

By Kristan Venegas

About two weeks ago, I shut down my Facebook to the bare minimum. I use Facebook as a means to communicate with friends and family, but also with the academic community that I am a part of. Between the terrorist attacks globally, the ongoing murders of men of color in the US, and the ongoing […]

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Food and Academic Performance

By Monique Datta

Food. I love food! But not all food is good. Have you eaten lunch at a public school recently? I worked in public schools in South Carolina and Hawaii and, though every school was quite unique, there was one thing that each school had in common: cafeteria food. Let’s face it, cafeteria food in many […]

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Going Off Campus: What Any Employee Wants

By Melora Sundt

Part of the work I do with the FDA is helping units understand their scores on the annual Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey. The process we use is a series of focus groups with different levels of employees to explore the top and bottom ten items, according to their responses, from that survey. Over the last […]

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Don’t Confuse Me with the Facts – Higher Education’s Next Mission

By Mark DeFusco

Americans don’t seem too concerned with “Exaggerations.”  Donald Trump saw thousands of Muslims in Jersey City celebrating the collapse of the World Trade Center.  Ben Carson is certain that the Biblical Joseph built the pyramids to store grain.  Birthers are certain that our president was born in Africa even after he produced a birth certificate issued in Hawaii.  We […]

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Toddlers in Low-Income Communities and the Ubiquity of Mobile Technology

By Antar Tichavakunda

It’s commonplace to see a toddler wielding an iPad that seems too large for his or her use. Young children, whose fingers are still too small to reach the home keys on a computer keyboard, can deftly navigate a smart phone or tablet. Before my cousin could read, she could use her mom’s iPad. A […]

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