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Pencils, Keyboards & Digital Citizenship

When I learned of the shooting at Charlie Hebdo, I was shocked. I turned to Facebook to find information and posted an image in solidarity with the magazine. My family and I had just spent New Year’s in Paris and I had returned to California feeling as though the City of Light had seeped into […]

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Games—A Matter of Life and Death?

Two weeks ago we were awarded a “First in the World” grant through the Fund for Innovation in Postsecondary Education. The program “provides grants to spur the development of innovations that improve educational outcomes, makes college more affordable for students and families, and develops an evidence base of effective practices.” When I listened to the […]

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Good Stuff x 2

During the 2014–2015 school year, I am very much looking forward to piloting wrap-around curriculum for the games we developed in collaboration with the USC Game Innovation Lab. The first up is FutureBound. FutureBound is a game designed to engage middle school students in learning about college. Through game play, students develop an understanding for […]

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Commissioners, Campaigns, and Crazy Kittens

A few weeks ago, I had the honor of speaking during the public comment session at the California Student Aid Commission meeting. Every month, Governor-appointed Commissioners meet to tackle some of the challenges mentioned in the most recent string of 21st Century Scholar blog posts. We have been working closely with the Commission over the […]

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Postsecondary Play

How often do we approach education playfully? Not this last week. My hometown of Santa Barbara is still reeling from the horrendous shooting rampage that tore through Isla Vista. My heart aches for UCSB students and their families, but also for faculty and staff. I have been moved by Facebook posts from USCB professors reaching […]

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Mandela, Alzheimer’s and the Right to Code

I have been wanting to mark Mandela’s passing with an addition to my digital footprint. I am terrible at maintaining a journal – so Facebook offers a quick way to document major milestones in my life. But I have been stumped as to how a Facebook post could possibly acknowledge the enormous impact Mandela had […]

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Google Glasses and Multitasking

I left my phone on the kitchen counter yesterday as I rushed to a high school for a mock-interview session. Granted I was distracted by ushering the kids out the door with lunches, sweatshirts and homework, giving the dogs snacks and remembering my laptop. It was actually quite glorious. I listened, uninterrupted to NPR on […]

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Transformative Power of Social Media?

I’m keeping my comments short today with the hope that you will dedicate the time you might have spent reading the post to clicking around and exploring a couple of links. First, I’m super happy to share this great article about our CollegeologyGames collaborator, Tracy Fullerton, who won a well-deserved award at IndieCade over the […]

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Minecraft & Missions

If my kids could, they would play Minecraft for hours on end. They are not alone–the virtual Lego-like building and adventure game earned $240 million in revenue last year. I’ve rationalized to myself that time spent playing the game is beyond plain fun, it’s educational. But as a stand-alone game, I’m not really convinced. Last […]

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We Are Title IX

I am not comfortable writing about sexual violence. And because I have been tasked to periodically reflect on technology and education for the 21st Century Scholar, I haven’t felt compelled to. But this week, with USC in the news over its alleged mishandling of sexual assault charges – and a related story I listened to […]

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