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The Privatization of Education/For-Profit Higher Education with Constance Iloh

                      I am thrilled to announce that the invited talk I gave on February 6, 2014 at the UCLA Hammer Museum on for-profit higher education is now available for viewing on: The UCLA Hammer Museum Website Youtube My own new website I am excited about […]

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The Academic, Version 2.0: The Scholar in the Era of Social Media (#AERA14)

The Academic, Version 2.0: The Scholar in the Era of Social Media (#AERA14) Sun, April 6, 12:25 to 1:55pm, Convention Center, 100 Level, 108B Scholars have been late adopters of social media compared to professionals in other fields; however, our critical role in connecting with youth and across disciplines makes mastering social media an essential […]

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For-Profit Colleges, Social Media, and MOOCs…. Oh my! Join Me During AERA 2014

With #AERA14 just a few weeks away, I am eagerly preparing with excitement for another undoubtedly eventful conference. While last year I painted the town “for-profit, this year I plan to do the same with a few surprises as well. This AERA I am fortunate to expand on my work regarding for-profit higher education, particularly […]

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Traveling to “Italy”

On March 1, 2014 I became an aunt twice over with the birth of my niece Italy Mercy Iloh. A wave of Joy came over me as I was flooded with phone calls, pictures, texts, and Instagram tags regarding this special moment for my family. Some hours later correspondence became less frequent while my anticipation […]

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“ABD” and What that Means to Me

I happily progressed to the “all but dissertation” stage on February 19, 2014.  Even considering the immense work required in dissertating, I can only help but feel excited and curious about what this new season in my PhD journey will offer. With each milestone in my doctoral journey I have reflected through quotes, poetry, and […]

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“The Privatization of Education”

Arguably one of the most pervasive and complex forces changing education in general, and higher education in particular, is privatization. This Thursday, February 6, 2014 at 7:30 pm on I have the pleasure of engaging in a thoughtful dialogue regarding the for-profit education sector. This event will take place at the Billy Wilder Theater for […]

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College Affordability, Financial Aid, Access to Higher Education, and #AfAmEdChat!

Last Thursday January 23, 2014 I had the privilege of being invited to serve as a guest panelist for the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans education chat! The topic of the discussion was college affordability and financial aid.  You can see the live twitter coverage of the event via Storify at […]

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On Maturing as a Scholar

This semester marks new territory for me as a Ph.D. candidate and advanced doctoral student. Each day I feel on the brink of something greater than the previous. As I usually do once a semester, here are some of the quotes reflective of this current space as a scholar growing into her power. “Bring me […]

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New publication: “Using ethnography to understand twenty-first century college life”

Happy New Year, 21st Century Scholar readers! This year has gotten off to a great start and I anxiously await what else in store. Please check out my newest publication and first for the year 2014! Ethnography in the field of postsecondary education has served as a magnifying glass bringing into focus university culture and […]

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New Published Articles and Updated Research Directions: Examining For-Profit Colleges, Black Students, and the Changing Landscape of Higher Education

My first few posts of the semester briefly detailed my hope and excitement for the future of my research agenda regarding the privatization of higher education. During this semester I have not only published new research articles on this topic, I also completed and passed my qualifying exam on proprietary higher education. I find it […]

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