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Mission: Admission: A High Schooler’s Perspective

Last week we launched Mission: Admission to a national audience. In the first week, we generated 700 new players. Our team is excited to see how students react to the game. I asked Foshay Tech Academy senior, Abigail Montejo, to share some thoughts on her journey to college and on playing the game. To check out press we’ve received, click here.

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When did you realize that you wanted to go to college?

I realized that I wanted to go college since I was in middle school. Although my peers would disobey the teachers and not care about their grades, I did. I knew that completing my work was going to help me in the future. I didn’t know what career I wanted but I was knowledgeable enough to know that college is a huge pathway for a successful career.

What were your concerns about the college application process?

My main concern about the college application process is the financial aid step. My parents really do not have the money to pay for my college tuition. They are actually going to retire in a few years due to their age. Financial aid and scholarships are the only way to help me pay for my expenses and I am afraid I might not get the full ride to college without spending a dime.

What do you like most about Mission: Admission?

What I like most about Mission: Admission is the time frame is the same in real life. You play over the course of a week and have to keep checking back in on your character and their applications and deadlines.

What skills did you learn from the game that you used or will use when applying to college?

The most helpful skill I learned from playing this game is that I have to worry more about applying to the colleges or scholarships I am interested in before the deadline. This skill is useful because it is the same in the real world. We won’t be able to apply to every single thing that comes our way, so we should be more concerned about the most important ones.

How does Mission: Admission compare to other ways of learning about college and the admission process?

This game does not penalize us for not turning in something on time like FAFSA or a college application. In the real world, if we were to not apply before the deadline, there will surely be consequences. We need to be on top of our stuff and know when the deadlines are so that we will have a better chance into getting in the college we wish or getting enough money for our tuition.

What would you tell other students about this game?

I would recommend Mission: Admission to my fellow peers. I have said this game is very helpful towards our application process and makes us more ready to apply in real life. If they were to play this game, they would experience the process before actually doing it for real.

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