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Earlier this month, I was talking with my new research assistant, Daniel Almeida, about the best education blogs. Here are a few he recommended …

Free Technology for Teachers

The name says it all. This blog is refreshing in that it gives practical advice, resources, and lesson plans for teachers to infuse technology in the classroom. On Saturdays, the blogger posts a thread called “Week in Review—The Posts You Liked the Most.”


Using mobile devices, video games, and other technological advances is really a “mind shift” for many educators. We all need to shift the way we think about educating this next generation, which is the goal of this blog. The “research” tab is a nice addition, providing a method for skipping to posts related to research on the topic of the future of learning.

Joanne Jacobs

The content is current, as Jacobs often posts several times a day herself. From topics on “10 low-earning college majors,” to the Chicago teachers’ strike, to “What the Chinese are Studying,” I was impressed and educated/entertained for countless minutes. What more can one ask from a blog?

Teaching Tolerance

This blog was unique in the list, as it has a focus on respecting differences, diversity, and equal opportunity. It provides classroom activities and teaching kits for teachers who would like to address issues of tolerance with students. Thought-provoking issues are raised on this blog that I did not see elsewhere.

Brian McCall’s Economics of Education Blog

The blog has a simple design and is very easy to navigate. I particularly like the fact that I can get education-related articles from major news sources very quickly. While frequency of updating was one of the criteria I used to make the cut, the design, ease of navigation, and relevance of the content trumped that flaw.

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