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Postdoc Also Means Pre-Job

By Raquel Rall

As I wrote about over the summer, I started as a UC Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Scholar in the Graduate School of Education at UC Riverside. Since the fall is application season and since I’ve been at UCR almost three months now, I figured it would be useful to share a little about the program and what I’ve […]

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Changing the Narrative

By Zoe B. Corwin

Last week, Antar shared a compelling post about Ahmed Mohamed – the high school student who was arrested for bringing a clock to school because authorities mistakenly thought it was a bomb. I was outraged when I initially head the story – for many of the same reasons that Antar outlined so well in his […]

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What’s in a Name?: On Noncognitive College Readiness and Navigational Capital

By Jenna Sablan

Days after a new study on default rates at for-profits and community colleges made a splash, President Obama revealed his college scorecard, a website compiling information such as graduation rates, loan repayment, and average alumni salaries on individual colleges and universities. Since the reveal, there have been tweets, blog posts, and op-eds aplenty. My concern […]

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Going Off Campus: Working in a Secured Environment

By Melora Sundt

In the next few blogs, I’d like to share some observations about the environment and the work within CDER (Center for Drug Evaluation and Research). For a quick explanation about what CDER does, please see HERE. For a history of the agency, including some unusual early practices like the “Poison Squad,” see THIS. In this blog, I […]

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Doctoral Training and Innovation for Qualitative Researchers

By Randy Clemens

One of the principal tasks of a research university is to train doctoral students to be able to design and conduct quality research studies. Optimally, training includes a mixture of theory and practice, coursework and experience. While a student marches to class to learn about research techniques, she also conducts research as part of major […]

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Suspicious in Nature: Islamaphobia, Race, and STEM

By Antar Tichavakunda

Ahmed Mohamed, a freshman, brought a self-made clock to school to show one of his teachers. He was later interrogated and arrested as another teacher and various administrators thought the clock was a hoax bomb. Mohamed will not face any criminal charges and the school and police department are being blasted in the media for […]

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Remembering A Feeling–Being the New Kid on the First Day of School

By Amanda Ochsner

The last time I contributed to this blog I was Amanda Ochsner, grad student. Today I write to you as Amanda Ochsner, PhD. If I’m being honest, I’m still getting used to the new title. Forgoing jargon, “weird” is the best word I have to describe the feeling. Finishing your PhD is like many other […]

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What Can We Learn from UF Online?

By Michael Lanford

Just three months ago, I questioned the wisdom of Florida’s $35 million investment in UF Online. With seemingly little strategic planning or consultation of faculty, the University of Florida forged an 11 year contract with Pearson Embanet in 2013 to create a platform for online bachelor’s degrees. Exceptionally optimistic (some would say highly unrealistic) goals […]

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Discussing Power, Privilege and Identity in the Classroom

By Kristan Venegas

I’m teaching a course this fall called “Creating Communities of Interest” in our Educational Counseling program. We’re going to talk about power, privilege and identity in our next class meeting. I’m nervous about it. I’ve prepared for the class meeting.  I have plans for how to get the discussion going.  But I’m always worried when I talk […]

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Back-to-school: Gearing up the FITW grant

By Antar Tichavakunda

September brings the new school year and all that comes with it– back to school sale shopping, new folders, pens, calculators, new schools, friendships, and projects. We’re doing things a little differently this year on Thursdays at 21stcenturyscholar. We’re almost in our second year of the First in the World Grant (FITW)and we’re getting started with the […]

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